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Iva Bittova and Ágens in TRAFÓ

Zoltán Végső / Balkon, October 2002.

'Do you remember the mutant blue operasinger from the movie titled Fifth Element.? Although we don't live in space, Ágens is at least ten years ahead of her time with her solo chamber opera. An entirely new language and self-mythology creates a dark utopia, a vision of the future clearly and precisely drawn. Tenebrae is a series of gestures. Krisztián Gergye's strange choreography is a mixture of Javanese dances and provocative dance-elements, while the singer's continuously distorted voice elevates the audience to another sphere. The ethereal vibration, the metaphysical mood and the special intonation have a very special effect on the mind: you will be immersed in the mist of pessimism even weeks after the performance. This is a reaction to our age, a prophecy of destruction. Ágens crawls to the center of the stage like a worm and we can be nothing but scared of the future.

Antal Babits and Csaba Klenyán seem to be the ideal partners to Ágens, creating new dimensions while keeping her well-known style that can be heard on her Of Heaven and Earth album. (...)

You just can't get away from the effects created by Ágens and Iva Bittova. Their performances focus on music but other forms of art play a significant role, as well. Because of their common quest for perfection they can only work with excellent companions. Their ability for reflection and deep thoughts put them among the best representatives of our age, the only difference being that of them is coming from the past while the other is heading for the future.'