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Towards Completeness
13th International Meeting of Alternative Theatres

Tamás Jászay / Criticai lapok

'... The contemporary dance opera, Tenebrae, created by Ágens and Krisztián Gergye, was shown Sunday evening in the Old Synagogue. Ágens had already made her début to Thealter's audience earlier, and fascinated her audience this time as well, with her 'arias' inspired by the Baroque opera, and aiming at the transcendental. It was as if the naked bodies (Krisztián Gergye, Miriam Friedrich, Móni Négyesi) were illustrations to the sometimes ethereal singing voice. As Ágens with her voice, Gergye and his partners were probing the utmost limits with their bodies: how far may one go without injuring one's integrity? The spectator could have the impression that the two unique languages, the series of movements drawing on the special Javanese dance, characteristic only of Gergye (who won the prize for the best choreography with this), and the sound sequences of Ágens, accompanied by live music, entwined as luxuriantly growing jungle lianas, living-loving each other, burning until the cruel, magnified and exaggerated moment, when they explode. The unworldly light effects, composed by Gergye, playing with the figures of the bodies and the actors, just as well as the nakedness of the dancers, and the empty white space, also contributed greatly to the effect.'