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Ágens: Of Heaven and Earth

U.N. / Metal Hammer 1999. 7-8.

Although this music speaks of several things I find it hard to say anything sensible because it doesn't fit in with the conception of this magazine. All I can do for it on the pages of MHH is giving information and suggesting everyone who takes the plunge and gives an ear to it for forming his/her own opinion.Ágens sings using opera-voices mainly and it can be really nerve-racking or upsetting at times (Curse). She has a wonderful voice but this album is not one of beauty . It resembles the most to Dead Can Dance among the performers I know .Painful, human,jolted music that often makes you think of long-gone ages except that it doesn't have that kind of harmony.The modern world also appears in it at the same time and perhaps it's not too difficult to grasp a message sent for us.A very hard piece to listen to , the compositions from '94 will try your patience in particular.It definitely has an effect on the listener, though.There is no use in giving points, not that I could decide.An experience hardly to be perceived anywhere else.

Translated: Gábor Harmati