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József Balog

".we met again .We were both going down into the dark and she seemed to be happier as she said hello to me .'I sing .Finally'-she added.We've known each other for at least 15 years, we both went to the University of Szeged and she always had some sort of secret and sensitivity that had no place and time to reveal itself in those days .But I think the secret has come to light .She was the one who gave it away: ' I sing'.-she said."

József Balog

Ágens:I've started singing five years ago when my composer Ferenc Boudny discovered-through different improvisational exercises- that I've got a good voice.I used to sing in a choir when I was at primary school and then in an amatuer band when I was eighteen.We had one concert,as I can remember.That's about my musical past.After realizing my ability I went to opera and jazz teachers but I didn't like either direction.When I tried jazz and blues improvisation or any kind of style other than mine my voice got thin and hoarse you know that sort of chicken-voice , like mummy singing a lullaby to her baby. The teachers were going like ' Is this the woman with that great voice?".
My music is not to be performed in bars and smoky night clubs before a half-drunk audience but rather in movies,art festivals and in its own place .

Ágens:People keep asking me about this style.Then come these neverending comparisons , you know as if there was something like this in America or Siberia.a sort of shaman thing .witch ,,,ritual.mysticism.But I don't have anything to do with these.Of course an amateur listener or someone with preconceptions immediately labels me as a witch or say that it's alternative music which gets on my nerves.It has nothing in common with alternative styles.So I usually say that it's a 'style' ranging from prayer to invocation and dirge embracing and expressing all phases of human life .It's only voice.

Ágens: We get prepared to a performance by improvising and then I learn what I've improvised which is the hardest part of all.When you just move into all directions and then you have to learn it.I always have my musical reference-points to which I can return, otherwise it would be just a mess, an avantgarde or alternative experiment .things I've always rejected .I don't make experiments ,I risk my neck. We collaborated with composer Ferenc Boudny for a movie by György Szomjas in which I played a singer.And then took part in a movie by Szalai-Dárday who needed me with the system of relations that I know.It's a rare thing.The shooting was done in Venice and New York.Due to the directors and Venice I found a singer's attitude that I hadn't known before.It's about being somewhere and sing the relations or impressions as a stranger .Venice, the power of the water, standing by the hospital , or passing through the industrial zone. The shooting-crew found a category to my music:they called it Sirensong saying that this song can lead you to death but bring you back, as well.

Ágens : I'm sure that it's possible to find an audience to my music in Hungary , people who are keen to listen to what I sing but .They will probably use me as something of a curiosity just like in this movie.But I'm also absolutely sure that the field for me is not Hungary, because the receptive audience is small and you have to pay attention to what I do , So I think people would listen to my music earlier in New York than in Hungary