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Profession: contemporary singer, actor, theatre director

Academic attainments:

Theatre and Film Arts University - Department of Motion Picture Theory - 1993

ELTE College of Teacher Training - Department of Hungarian and of Folk Education - 1988

Exam 'B' in directing - Institute of Folk education - 1980

Exam 'C' in directing - Institute of Folk Education - 1979

Language: English

Theatrical works:

Directing, main-role:

2009 FATUM, r.: Ágens, MU Theatre

2009 Foundation of 'Ódium-art' art action group

       0th action: Amy Winehouse project, i.e. Who attests whom? Sziget Festival, Váci street

       1st action: Educating the guardians of the state inspired by Plato i.e. bloody incidents arouse the attention of the crowds, Saison Opening Festival, Andrássy Street

       2nd action: Love as self-experience i.e. can the self-experience be shared with others? Night of Independent companies, Writers' Shop

2008 IPSUM with György Árvai, the Collective of Natural Disasters (CND, MU Theatre

2007 Deus tardat by Ágens - opera performance for Leonardo da Vinci, MODEM Modern and Contemporary Art Center, Debrecen

2007 Through my mirror by Ágens, Xénia Stollár, DEPOT, Dortmund

2007 Jazzwomen by Ágens - Vörösmarty Theatre, Székesfehérvár

2006 'plastic-fantastic-bombastic' - The Bluebeard's Castle opera without Bartók, Budapest Autumn Festival, MU Theatre

2006 aqua toffana by Ágens, a contemporary Mozart opera - Budapest Spring Festival, Palace of Arts, Budapest

2005 Opera mea by Ágens, Oase Festival, Wien

2005 aqua toffana by Ágens, work premier, dietheater, Wien

2005 Ulixes with The Byzantine Male Ensemble "St.Ephraim" by Ágens - interactive opera, TRAFO House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest

2004. október 17. Songs for viola, viola da gamba, drums and Sosztakovics by Ágens, Budapest Autumn Festival, A38

2004 Purcell picnolepsy by Ágens - contemporary opera - Millenaris Theatrum, Budapest

The Cultural Committee of the General Assembly of the Municipality of Budapest has granted Ágens for the creation of Purcell Picnolepsy the AWARD FOR THE BEST ALTERNATIVE THEATER PERFORMANCE

2004 Opera mea by Ágens, TRAFÓ

2003 Meus by Ágens, Budapest Autumn Festival, A38, Budapest

2002 Tenebrae - dance opera with Krisztián Gergye by Ágens, TRAFO House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest

2002 Korájtá by Ágens, Szkéné Theatre, Budapest

2000 Passages with Dance Company "Kompmánia" Szkéné Theatre, Budapest


2009 Ágens and the Kodály Method, Contemporary Drama Festival, Merlin Theatre

2009 Ágens and the Kodály Method, AKKU

2008 Ágens and the Kodály Method, BÖF, AKKU

2006 Bodytime by Ágens, Kiscelli Museum

2005 Variations by Ágens, Budapest Autumn Festival

2005 Tuus by Ágens, Budapest Autumn Festival

2003 Ágens concert, Valley of Arts Festival, Kapolcs

2003 "ex parte est" - Ágens's performance, Szkéné Theatre

2003 'Celebration service' - opera of Meredith Monk, singer: Ágens, Mediawave, Győr

2003 'Celebration service' - opera of Meredith Monk with Meredith Monk, singer: Ágens, Radio Bartók

2003 Piano concert, performed by Szilvia Kárászy with Ágens, Fazioli Piano Festival, MTA concert hall, Budapest

2003 Piano concert, performed by Szilvia Kárászy with Ágens, Vác

2003 The opening of an exhibition by Katalin Sylvester- performance and concert Palace of Art (Műcsarnok), Budapest

2003 'Celebration service' - opera of Meredith Monk, Meredith's solos was song by Ágens, Premiére was in TRAFÓ

2002 "ex parte est" - a performance in the Central Europe Dance Theatre, Budapest 2002 'Daimon Soul' - a performance in the Ernst Museum, Budapest

2002 a concert by Antal Babits (bass-clarinet), Gergely Sütő (bass- clarinet), the clarinet player of the Portugese National Philharmonic Orchestra, Csaba Klenyán (clarinet) at The Music Academy of Budapest

2002 'Szóma' - a performance by Anna Bart (Germany), Ágens, Bálványos Társulat, Antal Babits at the Studio Artus

2001 'Sensitive Fragments'- a performance by Ferenc Cakó, music by Ágens and Tamás Szarka, The National Theatre of Szeged

2001 A concert by the Bálványos Társulat and Ágens, Classical and jazz, Radio Bartók

2001 Ágens and the Bálványos Társulat, Artrockfest, MoM

2001 Bálványos Társulat and Ágens, Soho Festival

2001 Bálványos Társulat and Ágens, Kapolcs

2001 Bálványos Társulat and Ágens- a concert in the Ludwig Museum

2001 The Bálványos ensemble' guests, Ágens, Aldridge Hansberry, Hélene Bass, Eugénie Kuffler, Ludwig Museum

2001 Ágens and the Bálványos ensemble, Ludwig Museum

1999 'Of Heaven and Earth' Concert-performance. Festival "Theater '99". Old Hungaria Hotel, Szeged

1999 'Of Heaven and Earth' Concert-perfomance. Palace of Art, Budapest

1999 Meeting to introduce the CD "Égi-Földi (Of Heaven and Earth)". With dr. Péter Balassa lecturing on Ágens. Book-shop of Writers, Budapest

1999 Ágens-Concert Gangster Film Rock Festival. Petőfi Hall, Budapest

1998 Ágens-Singing Introducing evening of the monthly "The Literature Hits Back" Kolibri Cellar, Budapest

1998 Ágens-Concert on the Closing Day of the exhibition "Sights and Scenes". Palace of Art, Budapest

1998 Ágens-Songs Introducing evening of Publishing House "Palatinus". Palace of Art, Budapest

1997 Helping song Opening the exhibition of sculptor Ágnes Németh. Pesti Vígadó

1997 Ágens-Concert V.A.M. Design Gallery, Budapest

1997 Ágens-Concert Casuquarry Art Festival. Pataky István House of the Arts, Budapest

1996 Ágens-voice Concert-performance. Budapest Autumn Festival, Phoni-Calendarium". Art and Recreation Centre, Almásy Square, Budapest

1996 Ágens-Concert Publishing House "Budapest Salon", KHB, Bp.

1995 Ee-noo-shodo Gallery Sun-Trail, Budapest

1995 My Baby Left Me, by Milorad Kristic

1994 Nömaniké Concert-performance, opening the exhibition of Milorad Krstic. Roczkov Gallery, Budapest

1994 Concert-performance Reed Woman Rán Gid Finds the One She Had Approached On Her Journeys in Heaven and Earth… Exhibition of architect Tibor Szalai. Újpest Youth Club, Budapest

1993 Nömaniké Concert-performance. Prohibited Radio Art Festival. Toldi Art Movie

1993 Nömaniké Concert-performance. Festival of Balázs Béla Art Studio. Toldi Art Movie, Budapest

1993 Nömaniké Concert-performance. Makeshift Art Festival, Pécs

1993 Nömaniké Concert-performance. MEDIAVAWE Festival, Győr

1992 Opening concert Exhibition of graphic artist Ilona Kiss. Home Gallery, Budapest

1992 Opera-Garden Opening concert. Na-ne Gallery, Budapest

1992 Eroto-song Concert-performance Women's Department Art Festival. Újpest Youth Club, Budapest

Other professional works:

2008 Satyr, directed by Gergye Krisztián, played by Ágens, script by Ágens MU Theatre, National Theatre, 15th Alternative Theatres' Review, Synagogue, Szeged;

2007 My sweet dear life, you are a shag! by Krisztián Gergye, Writer, singer: Ágens (Fucking poems), Budapest Autumn Festival, Bárka Theater

2007 Akropolisz by Sándor Zsótér and Zoltán Balázs, Singer: Ágens as a bassbariton, Composer: László Sáry, Bárka Theater

2007 Company of Wolves by Gábor Goda, Actress, singer: Ágens, Palace of Art, Budapest

2007 99 seconds by Krisztián Gergye, Actress: Ágens, National Theater

2006 The baroness and the lady's maid by Mackenzie, Music: Ágens, Vörösmarty Theater, Székesfehérvár

2006 Everywhere is good… by Krisztián Gergye, Singer: Ágens, Thalia Theater

2005 Selfkontroll night by Krisztián Gergye, Singer: Ágens, MU Theater

2005 7? by Krisztián Gergye, Singer, actress: Ágens, MU Theater

2005 Divina Comedia as a mirror by Krisztián Gergye, Singer: Ágens, Art Festival of Pannonhalma

2005 Abakanon by Ágens and Krisztián Gergye, Museum of Fine Arts

2005 Bosch variations by Krisztián Gergye, Singer, actress: Ágens, Tűzraktár

2005 Maldoror's songs by Anikó Juhász, Actress: Ágens, Artus Studio

2005 The satyr by Krisztián Gergye, Singer: Ágens, Trafó

2004. (gk) by Krisztián Gergye, Singer, actress: Ágens, Szkéné Theatre

2004 Placenta by György Árvai - Collective of Natural Disasters (Soul: Ágens)

2004 Porcelain Doll by Peter Gárdos, Songs, music: Ágens

2004 New world, Contemporary Balett Szeged by Tamás Juronics, Music: Ágens, Boudny, Szeged Open-Air Festival

2004 Body installations, choreographia Koreográfus: Gergye Kriszitán, Ének, szereplo: Ágens, a program connected to the exhibition 'The Suppressed Holocaust' Art of Palace (Műcsarnok)

2004 Bosch trilogy by Krisztián Gergye, singer&actress: Ágens, Millenaris Teatrum

2004 Embarassing by Krisztián Gergye, singer&actress: Ágens, MU Színház

2004 Barbara L. by Krisztián Gergye, singer& composer, Budapest Autumn Festival, Thalia Theater

2002 'Az ember tragédiája' ('The man's tragedy) - a performance at the National Theatre, Budapest, vocals: Ágens

2002 Ágnes Ivacs: Ágens/Stories- a movie-portrait winning the 1. prize at the OFF Film Festival

2000 Singing in 'Homo non est' with 'KompMánia' Dance Theatre, Trafó

2000 Abridged version of "Homo non est". Art Festival "Wiretappings". Palace Of Art

2000 Singing in Homo non est. With company "Kompmánia", Szkéné Theatre

2000 Recording of the program "Janus Pannonius - Borges". Singing: Ágens. Recorded: by András Surányi. Hungarian Radio

1999 Das anatomische Theater, Milorad Kristic

1999 Performances of the theatre piece "The Blind Man Saw Him Jump". Atlantis Theatre Company. Merlin Theatre, Budapest

1998 Performances of the theatre piece "In the Court of Death". Atlantis Theatre Company. Katona Kamra, Budapest

1998 First night of "The Crucible", by Arthur Miller. With singing of Ágens. Víg-Theatre, Budapest

1997 On Shooting of the film "Reflexions", by Györgyi Szalay and István Dárday in New York and Venice. She is a main character.

1997 Obsidio Sigetiana, by Miklós Zrínyi (with Katalin Ladik) Directed by András Surányi and Attila Balázs. Hungarian Radio

1996 Documentary film "Another Aspect of Hungary"

1994 With Kisses and Nails, by György Szomjas filmdirector (Singing: Ágens, music: Ferenc Boudny)


1998 Ágens, Extra material to the “Balkon" (contemporary art periodical)

1999 Celestial-Mundane, Periferic Records


2007 Fucking poems by Ágens, Barrus Publisher