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In Heavenly and Earthly Conditions
Tibor Martinovics

Napló, a Veszprém County daily 23/08/2003
Theatre, Ritual, Labyrinth
Tibor Martinovics

Magyar Narancs April 2003
„Sniffing between the angels' toes...”
Ágnes Ivacs

Ultrahang 2001.
Passages - With Dance Theatre "Kompmánia"
Gabriella Medgyesi

Journal of Art
"The real stories arise"
Béla Herczeg

Gramofon April 2000.
Passages - Ágens and the Company KompMánia
Gabriella Medgyesi

Artist's World - Duna TV 06. 04. 2000.
"Commencement of the Tide"
Erika Ozsda

Nappali Ház
Journal of
Contemporary Art
July 1999.
Two CDs, few concerts - Agens is led by sounds in the mind
Béla Szilárd Jávorszky

Népszabadság 18th 06. 1999.
A conversation between Ágens and Janox accompanied by a cup of tea, a pack of cigarettes and a cat

Az irodalom visszavág
Journal of
Contemporary Poetry
Winter 1998.
"By the time you learn to use the definitions..."
György Czabán & Zoltán Végső

Radio Tilos 10th 07. 1998.
"As if I went through ..."
Távolodó László Marton

Balkon May 1998.
Gabriella Medgyesi

White nights in Duna TV 16. 10. 1997.
Ágens - I have a sense of singer
Erika Ozsda

Journal of Art
1-2. 1994.