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Ágens: Of Heaven and Earth

Magazin Fókusz, June 1999.

An album first released as a supplement of Balkon, a monthly for contemporary arts has recently come out as a self-contained record that will probably draw the attention of music freaks with a taste for the extraordinary.

In a decade when information has become the most current of all goods and children have to undergo communicational trainings even at the kindergarten a personal album without a single articulated word is launched.The music guides the listener to a strange, enchanted world . Sometimes hot , familiar waves come whirling sometimes everything becomes cold.Only commonplaces could be stocked but the music dictates that everyone should fill the texture with their own words.

On hearing the variety of voices that are torn and gurgled from the body or come in scream-like flashes and quasi-arias one may feel as if taking a peep through the curtain at a spiritual séance watching the medium's struggle with the supernatural powers.

Perhaps it's all about hiding the shortcomings by artistic means but I like it . A record only for the brave.

Translated: Gábor Harmati