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Ágens's Contemporary Opera in the Millenáris

Attila Deák / 11. marcius 2004.

The production titled Purcell Picnolepsy, bearing all the usual hallmarks of Ágens, hosted by Millenáris Teátrum, is an elementary experience
Ágens's production tops the spring series of premičres. Ágens's name is becoming more and more a notion, as her art, all of her premičres, performances are memorable, stirring experiences.

Henry Purcell was England's greatest composer, the most prominent representative of classical English opera. Ágens chose parts from his operas King Arthur, The Fairy Queen, and others - which best express the philosophical essence she imagined, in sound and in choreography. Many people question how this production can be seen as a contemporary opera if Ágens merely pillages Purcell's pieces. The answer is simple: an extremely talented artist is able to present the mysticism and the passion in English Baroque opera to the man of the 21st century, in a way filling it with contemporary content that qualifies as an individual work of art.

The special dramatic situations are furthered by two women singers, Ágens (with an eclectic female voice) and Viktória Kiss (with classical melodies). Their voices together fully achieve what Purcell expected from his singers.